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Jung Do

Jung Do is our school motto; which means correctness of action. The literal translation would be “Jung”meaning Right and “Do” meaning "Way" Although we recognize that there is more than one way to do the right thing; there is only one way to do what is RIGHT.

IGNITE Martial Arts is more than just a martial arts academy; we inspire and teach our students to do everything the JUNG DO way.

We honor the traditional Tae Kwon Do five Tenants of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit; and instill a strong Love of Health, Faith, Generosity, Humility, Loyalty and Family.

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Master Sean Cumberbatch

Meet the Master

Sean Cumberbatch

Sean “Chief” Cumberbatch was born in Brooklyn, NY and has lived all his adult life in Florida. He has practiced Martial Arts for over 30 years, loves to train and compete, and has placed first in the US Open for Continuous Sparring every year from 2007 -2018 (except 2012, which he did not attend). In 2018, Cumberbatch decided to open IGNITE Martial Arts, knowing that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13. His goal in life is to always serve Our Lord and Heavenly Father.

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Upcoming Events

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Don’t sweat summer plans for your kids! The solution is simple with IGNITE Martial Arts Summer Camp! Give your kids a great summer by registering for IGNITE Martial Arts action-packed Summer Camp for kids. From Martial Arts classes and swimming, to arts & crafts, movies, field trips, and more, we’ll give your kids a summer to remember!…

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Tiger night is coming soon! You won’t want to miss our next Tiger Night.  Kick off your weekend right with ALL NIGHT PARTY FUN! Parents, this is a great opportunity to celebrate with your sweetheart while your students enjoy a fun night with friends.  Take advantage of this awesome “Parent’s Night Out” weekend event. Bring 3 new…

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Ignite Partner In Education

2021 Outstanding Partner in Education of the YEAR

Ignite wants to showcase a recent award from OCPS for Outstanding Partner in Education of the YEAR.

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