Kids Ignite Performance Team

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The IGNITE Performance Team is a program designed to allow students to take their training to the next level by competing. Through competition, the students learn new skills and improve greatly. They are given the opportunity to compete at local and national levels. Our Performance Team Classes are geared towards competitive athletes who wish to enhance their speed, focus, accuracy, timing and efficiency of movement for local, regional, national and international competitions.

IGNITE Performance Team is open to all students ages 6 and up with the approval of their instructor and parents, (if underage). Students start in the main program based on their age/skill level. Interested students are required to obtain permission from their instructor. Your Instructor can answer any questions or concerns that you may have about competing. Categories of competition include: Forms, Point -Sparring, Continuous Sparing, ISKA Sports MMA and Breaking (when offered). We are currently competing in Blitz Tournaments, ISKA Tournaments, PanAmerican Internationals, U.S. Open and many local tournaments.

 IGNITE Martial Arts students are encouraged to participate in competitions throughout the year.

Performance Team Training

IGNITE  provides additional competition training for members interested in tournaments. Students on the competition team are required to attend at least 2 Performance Team Classes per week.  However, any student may register for competition training without participating in competitions with permission from their instructor.

Performance Team members must be enrolled in Performance Team Classes and meet the minimum number of classes per week.  The purpose for the competition schedule and requirements is to ensure that all Performance Team members receive the very best preparation and coaching for Competitions and to hold all students accountable for their commitment to the program.  The Performance Team members will receive coaching at all events where allowable.  Performance Team members are required to wear exclusive competition team apparel to all tournaments.

We will notify all students of open tournaments held locally and nationally throughout the year.


ignite martial arts kids performance team posing with trophies
ignite martial arts students doing push ups